This Cream Cheese Roll Will Remind You Of a Very Popular Pastry From The US

This article was originally published on last February 2020. Click here to view the original article.

Flaky, buttery, and just the right amount of sweet.

The love for pastry is universal. Centuries of collective industry, innovation, and effort from across the globe have blessed us with menus upon menus of delicious pastries. And the Bakers Maison Cuban Cream Cheese Roll stands out among the myriad of choices.

Bakers Maison’s Cuban Cream Cheese Roll is a flaky, danish-style pastry, filled with a sweet, but tangy cream cheese. So, if you’ve been to the US, biting into Cuban Cream Cheese Roll will remind you of Porto’s Cheese Roll from the world famous Porto’s Bakery and Café in Los Angeles, California. The Cuban Cream Cheese Roll is a richly indulgent snack that provides exactly the kind of satisfaction your body cries out for when you want to treat yourself.

It also comes in two delectable variants: Blueberry, and Raspberry. While the original is exceptionally good on its own, the additional sweetness of blueberry or the sour notes of raspberry take the Cuban Cheese Roll’s flavor profile to an entirely new dimension. These variants are an absolute must-try for anyone with even the most passing interest in pastries.

Available at all Bakers Maison branches, these sumptuous delicacies are available in singles starting at P55 for the original Cuban Cream Cheese Roll. You can also get them in a pretty, turquoise box of 4 for just P189 (classic variant), saving you as much as P31, and granting you the ability to share these lovely treats. At this price point, the Cuban Cream Cheese Roll is kind to all your senses, and you can enjoy this premium pastry without breaking the bank.

The Cuban Cream Cheese Roll is a powerful combination between the flavorful energy of Cuban cuisine, and the refined efficacy of Bakers Maison pastry-making methods. This unique combination culminates in a formidable pastry on all fronts. It’s delicious, memorable, and most importantly it is satisfying. So treat yourself with a dive into the world of pastries, and have yourself a Cuban Cream Cheese Roll from Bakers Maison.